First some background. . . Years ago, I was a bar…

First some background. . .

Years ago, I was a bartender. It was terrible, I worked for a complete asshat under the table. I was in a seriously tight spot because my parents had split leaving me with my youngest sister and a mortgage. So, not knowing what else to do I went to work for “Bob.” While I made good money, I was underage and scared out of my mind. I was always worried someone would find out I wasn’t 21 and hold it against me. To make things even more fun, numerous other laws were constantly being broken at any given time. My boss operated under the Clintonesque oral sex isn’t adultery and had floozies in and of there. *gag* Anyhow, one of my regulars is now a coworker of my husband.

Fast Forward to Friday night…

Tim’s company held their annual Christmas party and it was something to behold. They really know how to host an event. The party was held at and instead of one large buffet and bar they had smaller set ups in each of the exhibits. If you wanted to dine with the sharks near the reef there was prime rib. Near the tidal creeks we found the best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had. It was incredibly fun exploring the exhibits without Sir Thousand Hands whacking the glass or just generally being two.

I ran into my old customer and was able to catch up on a lot of gossip I’d missed over the years. No one has seen hide nor hair of my old boss for three years, no big loss. Also, there was this one guy who would come in and throw money around like it was nothing. He would insist the gambling limits be shut off of the video blackjack and play past midnight on Saturday. Those were the nights I could actually feel the lining of my stomach being eaten away by ulcers. The guy scared me, he wasn’t abusive or anything, but my guard was up with him. Well… he’s now in federal prison for embezzeling millions. I was not the least bit surprised, albeit mildly amused.

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#1 Joel Maners on 12.05.05 at 6:03 am

The people in this world who really know what’s going on are the accountants, IT departments, and bartenders.

Nice blog!

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