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So I Won’t Win Mom of the Year

I still find this funny. (The noise is my neighbor’s lawnmower.)

14yo Claims Death Threat Not Serious

With the news seeming to devote more and more time to crime perpetuated by teenagers and parents demanding that “something be done” the point of this story baffles me.

Teen Questioned on MySpace Bush Threat

She posted a picture of the president, scrawled “Kill Bush” across the top and drew a dagger stabbing his outstretched hand. She later replaced her page on the social-networking site after learning in her eighth-grade history class that such threats are a federal offense.

On Friday, the teenager said the agents’ questioning led her to tears.

She committed a federal offense. Yes, she’s a teenager and no she did not have the capability to carry out the act, but shouldn’t there be some repercussions for the act?

She cried? Good.

While There Was Little Doubt

No one will ever question my son’s paternity.

My son “dancing”

*update* click on the pic to play the video.

Hay Fever Vaccine

It is still far too early in the testing to be confident in the results, but it is nice to imagine the future.

Hay Fever Vaccine

In a trial to test the safety of the vaccine, 20 volunteers, aged between 18 and 65 years, with mild-to-moderate allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, and mild asthma due to house dust mite allergy were vaccinated.

Several weeks after being vaccinated, 17 patients were completely tolerant to the mites, showing no allergic reactions, two showed big improvements, while one failed to turn up for the tests.

Eight months on from these first assessments, the 19 patients are still showing a 100-fold improvement in tolerance to dust mites.

OK, it’s not life saving, but it is life altering. In my own life I’ve lost many productive hours to allergies or to the effects of OTC treatments. I’ve been considering the immunotherapy course, but it is very time consuming. It is nice to think my kids might not have to deal with the aggravation. Who knows, maybe in ten years I might be able to safely visit cat people.


It’s normal to send your business e-mail account multiple test e-mails, just to make sure the forwarding feature works, right?

Everyone leaves their volume up so each piece of e-mail can be heard, throughout the house, as it arrives, right?

It’s perfectly reasonable to pounce on the phone just in case Caller-ID messed up and it’s really not another telemarketer, right?

Have I ever mentioned I’m not a patient person?



New to my blogroll

If you have a moment check out Tim* on Mother Tongue Annoyances.

I thoroughly enoyed his recent commentary on Occam’s Razor.

First, ask yourself: “Do I really understand what Occam’s Razor means?” Next, ask yourself: “Do I want to mention Occam’s Razor in this online forum in order to appear ‘smarter’ or ‘cooler’ than I think I am?” Finally, ask yourself: “Can I recast my comment without invoking Occam’s Razor and still get my point across?” If you can answer the first question in the affirmative and the second two questions in the negative, then it is reasonable for you to include Occam’s Razor in your online comment.


*Not my Tim.

No News Just Waiting

It’s hard work being the little brother.

Time for Perspective

I have submitted my application, just a few moments ago and now I think I need to step back from the computer for a day or two. I’ve been so hyperfocused, scrutinizing everything for the tiniest of errors that I’ve fallen into the “it’s not good enough” mindset. The deadline for application submission is Monday, so I’m free from worry until later that week.

JanetLee, I don’t know how you do it.

Today, after the gym, I’ll take the boys to the park and see if I can take some pictures. We’ll splurge and hit Gagdonald’s. It’s time for some fun.

Ready for Round Two?

As some of you know, I’m in the process of trying to land a job with a parenting website. I have made the second round!

This week I am working on an in depth application that requires several writing samples. I also have to come up with a “recent headshot.” eek

Humor me if I’m frazzled, I’ve let this develop into something I want. I’ll be back to my old self when this is over, or maybe, just maybe I’ll be on cloud nine.


With the autumnal change of season there is a feeling of anxiety. I think it is a trait I picked up when I lived in Minnesota. A certain slant of the light and I can feel winter bearing down, ready to keep me in the house until April with gloomy skies, pale beams of sun, and bitter cold. Each year I spend here the feeling lessens and I can relax, enjoy this season for what it is. Autumn is a respite from the heat, a celebration of nature’s bounty. A golden, glorious season. This year I’m ready for the hayrides and apple cider. Let us pick out a pumpkin for the porch and if we’re lucky escape and see the leaves.