We are home.

Perspective is a funny thing. This past week just flew by for my husband, visiting family, seeing familiar sites. I had a good time, but it is so nice to walk into my home and sleep in my bed.

I brought a nasty virus home. Just for the record it is not fun to travel with an eleven year old and two kids two and under. It is even less fun on a sold out flight with every joint in my body aching and those weird feverish thoughts running through my mind. We made it, though. We flew from St. Paul to Atlanta and drove the five hours home. I wasn’t any help. I just amused myself by waiting until Tim’s arm was cool from the air conditioning then using it as a heatsink. I’m sure he enjoyed that. Prarie Home Companion is very strange when dozing in and out of monologues.

Anyhow, I am home, normal posting will resume shortly.


#1 Mike on 06.19.06 at 10:53 am

Welcome back!

#2 Paul on 06.19.06 at 2:39 pm

pWelcome home and let the blogging begin! 🙂

#3 Sonia on 06.19.06 at 2:43 pm

oh yuckie….hope you get to feeling better soon!

#4 Sunnie on 06.19.06 at 3:24 pm

Welcome back. Hope you feel better soon.

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