Update on Poor Pitiful Puppy

It was a copperhead snake. The swelling is already starting to go down. He’ll be fine in a day or two.


#1 ~Bird~ on 07.19.06 at 12:28 am

Glad to hear it. Poor puppy. 🙁

#2 Mike on 07.19.06 at 12:40 am

Every dog we owned out on the farm in Hooterville-from-Hell was bitten by a copperhead at one time or another. Missy made the mistake of barking at one and it bit her on her tongue. It swelled so much she almost choked to death.

#3 Margo on 07.19.06 at 1:01 am

Poor, poor Wallace. Give him a get well kiss for me, ok? 😉

#4 Kathy T. on 07.19.06 at 4:05 am

Poor baby! I hope he gets well soon. 🙁

#5 JanetLee on 07.19.06 at 9:12 am

Poor baby! I’m glad he’s going to be okay.

#6 April on 07.19.06 at 4:37 pm

Oh my gosh! How scary!

#7 Pam on 07.20.06 at 2:55 am

I’m curious – how did they know it was a copperhead? Did you actually see it? I have more copperheads around me than I want to think about.

#8 Heather on 07.20.06 at 10:31 am

Thanks everyone. I was really worried about him for a bit.
Mike, aww poor puppy.

Pam, it was an educated guess by the vet. He examined the swelling, found the bite, and told Tim it was a copperhead. I suppose he sees he enough bites in a semi-rural practice to know the usual culprit. Perhaps it was also because of the type of reaction. I’ve only seen cornsnakes in our yard, but I’m doing my best to teach my two year old that we never touch snakes outside.

My Herpetology prof became frustrated with me, because I looked before grabbing on our field trips. I finally explained where I’d grown up and that he was fighting twenty-something years of training and was unlikely to undo it. We were in upper Wisconsin, so there were no venemous snakes, but it’s hard to change a lifetime of habit.

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