Split Screen

On one screen I’m looking at Engadget, watching the Verizon iPhone announcement.
On the other. . .

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Arizona Shootings Reaction
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I don’t even know how to process what went down in Arizona. It hurts my heart and while I joke about “the crazy” it’s out there and it hurts people. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small. Sometimes it creeps in when we just can’t manage to live up to what we think the standards are.

I can’t process it now, so I’m letting myself be distracted by the new and the shiny. Heck, I don’t even want an iphone.

I just don’t know how to even acknowledge things. Perhaps it’s ok for me to admit that I feel terribly for the families, but that I cannot focus on it. I don’t think the 24 hour news cycle of rehashing everything over and over is at all helpful. So for now, I am going to look at gadgets and maybe when heads are cooler it will be time to see what, if anything can be done.

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#1 James Moffitt on 01.11.11 at 1:09 pm

I am not that familiar with Jon Stewart or his show. I did watch the video clip you posted and I have to say that I like what he said. “You can not outsmart crazy” is a true statment. I also like how he said that there is no way for anyone to draw a straight line from something tangible that would result in this horrific type of action. I also agree with him in that I hope that none of us watch this sort of thing and just become numb to it. I am also glad that I live in a world that does surround me with more good people than evil people. I truly believe that. 🙂

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