Shameless Braggery

Two things I want to share.

1) I was listed on as one of 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011

This made my week. Last Wednesday, I had escaped for a little while to stuff my face with fajitas while reading a book. That’s exactly what I was doing when my phone began to buzz and wouldn’t stop. It was a nice way to cap off an hour alone.

2) This was a nice write up by Srini Rao at The Skool of Life: The 5 Year Perspective

Currently I’m buried in tables, trying to get speaker names and bios sorted out for the Blissdom Conference next week. I’m just glad the new host seems to be working well.

I’m also working on two presentations. Throw in a deadline with the oldest’s virtual charter school and I’m near tears. Send coffee and babysitters, if you can.

I should probably shower, too, since I have to go out in public tonight.


#1 Phillip on 01.19.11 at 10:00 am

yay heather! you are the bee’s knees!! 🙂
my home ec hero!

#2 Living the Balanced Life on 01.19.11 at 10:14 am

Great list of accomplishments! Listening to your interview on BlogcastFM!
See you next week!
Assess your life for stress

#3 James Moffitt on 01.19.11 at 11:15 am

congratulations on your success Heather. I know you have worked hard to make all of this happen. 🙂

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