School Credit for Attending Protests

I am sure everyone is aware of the protest marches for illegal alien “rights.” I wonder if anyone has caught this little tidbit.
Montgomery Is Criticized Over Credit for Students

This bothers me, it really does. To me, it’s like giving students credit for attending a strike. Sure, let’s send a bunch of kids, who we all know are incredibly level headed and mature, to an intensely heated situation. Sounds like a great plan!

“The last time I checked, the First Amendment is not a right to question what the speech is,” he said. “I’m sure if students were participating in a tax cap rally, these same people would not be objecting to that.”

If the students were able to participate in either side of a “tax cap” debate, I would have less of a problem. Encouraging the students to attend, only in support of a cause does bother me. We turn out enough drones as it is.


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