Poor Kiddo

So, the weather was absolutely beautiful, yesterday. I took the boys to Wannamaker County Park. For a change of pace I took the boys for a walk. OK, it was really a walk and a carry, but I digress.

Sir Thousand Hands had a blast. He’d lag behind, he’d run ahead, and most of all he hit trees with sticks. I am pretty sure that last one is what two year olds do best. He walked a mile with only a little bit of complaining at the end. I was quite proud.

Let’s fast forward to naptime. I was helping him use the potty when I saw it. It was a nasty ole tick. UGH There are few things I hate more than ticks. I called a friend to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt him by removing it. She assured me you just grasp as close to the head as you possibly can with tweezers and yank. So, we survived that little adventure with no permanent harm. He was a brave little guy.

I figured it was over. I did a quick check, didn’t see any more.

Well, I was wrong, quite wrong. Anyone remember that scene in Stand By Me with the leeches? Yes, I’m going there.

I remember reading an article or maybe it was a blog entry pondering the question, “When does a person go from new mom to veteran mom?” Well, I have a feeling it is different for everyone, but I know I earned my badge, this morning. I don’t know if there is an experience quite like having to kneel on a two year-old, pull a tick off with tweezers, and pray the neighbors can’t hear him screeching, “Don’t pinch my penis!”*

The little guy was a trooper, though.

I did warn the nursery workers at the Y that he might have a fixation this morning. It’s a weird day when you have to worry about your kid telling someone, “Mama pinched my penis!”

I know there is a lot in store for the coming years, but I think this event will forever be seared into my memory. I’ll file it under stories for when he’s married.

*If that doesn’t get some weird hits, I don’t know what will.


#1 Sonia on 05.03.06 at 7:40 pm

why do ticks always go for that area? I’ve had to pull one off my son there too. He was about 5…so mucho embarassed. LOL

#2 Ivy, the Great and Powerful on 05.03.06 at 8:50 pm

Me too! Aaron had one on his balls! Ay yi yi!

#3 Mike on 05.03.06 at 10:17 pm

LMAO! Welcome to the parenting club.

#4 Joel Maners on 05.04.06 at 4:37 am

“Don’t pinch my penis!”

Just make sure your neightbors don’t hear your husband yelling this!

#5 Joan on 05.04.06 at 4:48 am

Heather – nice mention in the City Paper – Weekly Geekly. Woo hoo! Congrats.

#6 Heather on 05.04.06 at 2:36 pm

I was so skeeved. Since that skin is so ummm different, I was really worried about accidentally pinching it.

Joan, thanks so much for alerting me, I might have missed that!

#7 msninacat on 05.10.06 at 6:37 am

My poor bee had one on his hooey this year too. Fortunately he was at grandmas’s (the RN) so Mommy didn’t have to deal with it. Funny thing is he was more fascinated by telling people about the one on the back of his head that was “sucking out his brain” than the other one. Thank goodness for small miracles. LOL

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