Partly Crabby

with occasional outbursts. . .

Perhaps it’s the weather, the news, or this feeling of impending change. I’m not exactly sure, but something has turned me into quite possibly one of the least patient people on the planet. Some snark has been slipping out and it needs to stop. Of course, I don’t think standing at the checkout for forty minutes helped.

Can anyone with a preteen help me put a stop to the incessant movie / TV show retellings? I’d like to do it in a kind manner. I don’t want her to stop talking completely, I just really do not want to hear another point by point dissection of The Prince and I.

A friend of my husband is on his way down. He was in Virginia this weekend and decided to take a side trip to see us. He decided yesterday afternoon; he’ll be here today. Oh, it gets better. My husband is working night shift this entire week, which means I get to entertain him for the entire visit.

The checkout is a good place to mull things over. I didn’t have much to do, beyond watch the ice cream develop a rime of frost that slowly formed a puddle on the conveyor belt. I love colorful phrases and there are some I wish I could use. I once heard someone order coffee “black as night and as sweet as sin.” I just roll that around in my head, on occasion, savouring the feel. Unfortunately, I prefer mine with milk and no sugar, “light and bitter” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

I saw my favorite small town character, yesterday. He looks as though he stepped out of a fairy tale. Yesterday, I passed him on his way to church, He ia a wizened elfin man dressed in his Sunday best. It’s funny, just seeing a familiar stranger can make my day. I’ve see him making his rounds several times this week, and yesterday’s sighting just made my heart light. I always feel a little sad when people disappear from the periphery of my life. I know they have just moved on to another stage of their own, but I do miss their presence.

I need to do something special for my husband, it’s his birthday.


#1 Kathy T. on 07.24.06 at 2:01 pm

As annoying as reliving the movie moments are, I say try to enjoy them. Once they reach about 14 or 15, they stop talking to you altogether.

#2 ~Bird~ on 07.24.06 at 3:03 pm

Ideas for your husband’s birthday: invite one of his friends to stay with you :::wink:::. Or Pinky and The Brain is coming out on DVD tomorrow. That’s what I’m getting my husband for his birthday (Saturday). Beyond that, I’m no help. Good luck.

#3 JanetLee on 07.24.06 at 8:09 pm

I feel your pain. Yesterday at work – work now mind you – a young lady who is working for the summer just turned to me (I was charting) and said, “Like, wouldn’t it be so cool if, like, you were rich and like could buy any house you wanted and like you could so buy Jennifer Anniston’s house and be all like, ‘I own Jennifer Anniston’s house to all your friends.” Cos that would be like so cool.”
My tongue is fifty kinds of bloody.

#4 Ivy, the Great and Powerful on 07.26.06 at 8:03 pm

I like my coffee like I like my women: light, and bitter.

Well, that’s how you could say it. I happen to like my coffee like I like my women: not at all. 😉

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