Oh how I loathe thee IE

I’m working on a new project for Home Ec 101. I spent hours fiddling with a joomla template yesterday, finally had everything fixed exactly how I wanted, except for one text thing, but I was ready to just let that go and live with dark grey vs black.

Then I asked my husband to load the page on his computer so I could verify that the grey text was tolerable. You see, my husband is one of those strange creatures that actually likes Internet Explorer. Here I was excited that I had been very productive with the day’s programming and in the five seconds it took to load all my little hopes were crushed. IE hates my page. The objects are all over the page and I’m furious.

Why is it I can tell Firefox and Safari that a cell should be 20 pixels wide and they will listen, but not Internet Explorer. Oh no, apparently telling IE that a cell should be 20 pixels wide is the same as saying it should be 50 or 100.

Today I’m going to unload all I’ve done and reload from scratch. Thankfully I don’t have to remake all of the objects.

I think this is why I didn’t major in computer programming.

I’d like to thank Jared for letting me pester him with the occasional question.

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#1 Jared Smith on 04.17.07 at 7:33 pm

You’re quite welcome Heather! 🙂 And yes, I know how you feel about Internet Explorer. It’s the bane of my existence anytime I try to put together a new layout. Very, very annoying. The way IE counts pixels in contrast to Firefox and Safari makes me wonder if Microsoft’s got some sort of “new math” going on. Very bad. IE 7 is an improvement, but that’s not saying much, as it’s got new glitches that IE 6 never had. :-\

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