My life in 35seconds

Watch this


#1 Holly on 04.27.07 at 7:50 pm

HA HA HA! This is what I feel like sometimes with just one.

#2 Angela on 04.27.07 at 9:39 pm

I was suprised he kept the same tone. Mine tend to get louder as the time goes on and then when I react it is the quiet, “Hi” or “I love you”.

#3 Margo on 04.28.07 at 2:34 am

feel your pain. Oh the agony… 😉

#4 Tricia on 04.28.07 at 1:39 pm

WOW!!! Too close to home on that one. I get the tapping with the Mom/Mama call, if I don’t respond quickly.

#5 Kristen on 05.02.07 at 5:07 pm

That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!

#6 Bramble on 05.03.07 at 12:52 pm

haha i knew you’d like that one

#7 Hester on 07.14.11 at 3:33 pm

Keep it coming, wietrrs, this is good stuff.

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