Live Blogging Halloween

4:50pm The candy is ready, the costumes are purchased, but there is one big snag. Aidan’s lion costume is too small. Not just a little too small, painfully small. CURSE YOU COSTUME COMPANY

4:55-5:05 Frantic closet dig for anything suitable. I stumbled upon an old black dress… judge no, warlock no… Death a la Terry Pratchett yes!

5:10-5:25 dinner (mine was a Honey I Screwed Up Treat from my husband) the boys had quesadillas.

5:35 Tim runs to Wal-greens we’re out of Motrin for Mark and Death needs some white facepaint. Meanwhile Death amuses himself driving his powerwheel car.

6:05 Daddy returns with facepaint and the jack-o-lantern is lit.

6:15 We’re off Trick or Treating

6:45 I dash home to answer the door, and am greeted by a neighbor who calls me by name, but I don’t recognize.

6:55 Neighbor circles around and I realize it’s the gentleman who lives cattycorner from us. We have a long conversation about paving our street.

7:00 Last trick or treaters in sight.

7:15 I head in to upload pics.

7:26 The Grim Reaper is told to disrobe and put on his PJs chaos ensues.

7:31 I sit here cursing Blogger for not letting me upload the pics.
7:38 All done! Happy Halloween everyone!


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