Little Things

If you see me this evening, I’ll probably be wearing a goofy grin. You see, the sun is shining and I have an errand in West Ashley. The husband has to be home early to watch the boys and this means I get to drive my jeep. No car seats and no strollers, no diaper bag and no whining.

I’ll take the top down and tie my hair up. I’ll crank the radio and find my sunglasses. It’s only for an hour or two, but I can’t wait.

I just might round out the evening with an icy Dr. Pepper, a book, and a stolen hour.


#1 Mike on 05.30.06 at 8:42 pm


#2 Paul on 05.30.06 at 11:09 pm

By all means have a little fun!! 🙂

#3 Sunnie on 05.31.06 at 12:43 am

Man you coulda came to see me! LOL
Then you’d be defeating the purpose of kid free time. LOL
I hope you enjoyed yourself.

#4 Heather on 05.31.06 at 9:43 am

It was lovely. The weather was perfect. I took the long way home. I stopped at a used book store, detoured through downtown and took the bridge over to Mt. P.

I love that bridge when the traffic is light and the sky is so blue.

It was a nice evening.

#5 Malia on 06.01.06 at 1:26 pm

awesome! I love it when stuff like that happens. I don’t have a jeep but my ford taurus has a sunroof that I love to open up in cooler evening weather. AHHH…

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