Leaving the Fog

It might be premature, but I like to think I’m leaving the exhaustion and misery of the first trimester behind. I find myself longing for naptime a little less each day. In my experience there are none so introspective as a pregnant woman and when you add a blogger into the mix, you create a monster.

I recently stumbled upon an amazing blog written by an American midwife in Malawi. Be forewarned many of the stories are heartbreaking.

I am so truly grateful to live where and when I do. I feel truly blessed.

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#1 Adem on 12.01.12 at 4:54 am

I wonder if anynoe has worked out how much more expensive it’s going to be for all those folk with new condensing boilers that now have to keep them on all night to stop them icing up? Of course that only works down to a certain temperature. After that the drain pipe tends to freeze up and eventually the boiler will cut out automatically. A huge rush in the UK for insulation for the pipes has also meant a shortage of insulating materials. But then I guess that’s why they call it living memory. All my pipes are insulated because I can recall the last long cold winters. No doubt folk have also been forgetting to insulate or drain outside taps and pipes in Northern Ireland.

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