In praise of Tim.

I have mentioned before that my husband is an electrician. I can only say that we all and most especially our budget, owe him so much for this weekend.

Late Friday night the air conditioning went out. He was able to quickly troubleshoot and identify the problem. Whoever installed our unit did a lousy job which was definitely not up to code. The house and unit are only five years old.

While Tim took Mikala to Myrtle Beach to meet her flight, my father and I shopped for a new motor. The gentleman at Brunson’s Appliance Parts was quite helpful, although we were staggered by the cost of a simple motor and capacitor.

Mikala’s flight was delayed three times for a total of 5 hours. Thanks Northwest! By the time Tim returned to the area, it was over ninety in the house. Thankfully, installation didn’t take long.

I cannot imagine the cost had we been forced to call in an HVAC tech.

I think I’ll keep him.


#1 Paul on 08.28.06 at 2:04 pm

Tim sounds like a credit to we males ! 🙂

#2 Connie on 08.28.06 at 4:06 pm

Isn’t it awesome when they can just swoop in and fix the problem? My husband does maintenance on large industrial equipment for a living, so tinkering is in his nature. He can fix most things around the house, and it sure does come in handy.

#3 Kat Coble on 08.29.06 at 5:39 am

Men named Tim just rock. ;-p

#4 Catherine on 08.29.06 at 2:09 pm

You ARE fortunate to have such a handy husband. Our a/c died last Sunday. Our house is only 1 year old and this is actually the 2nd failure. Both failures were during record breaking heat. Centex and Service Master have the warranty on our a/c. To sum up our experience with them….NEVER AGAIN! I could go on, and on…..

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