How do you tell someone with a broken heart that it will mend? Do you just repeat it over and over?
-It’s all going to be OK. I know a lot of things are changing quickly, but it
will get easier, I promise.

Do you just barge in and help because you know they are too embarassed to ask or do you wait?
-I’m here when you are ready.
-Call me if you need anything.
-Call me even if you don’t, I just need to know you aren’t drowning.

I’ve never had someone else’s grief hurt so badly. I just want to take care of all the little details for a little while.
-Here, let me do this, I don’t mind.
-Really, I want to.
-Please, let me help.


#1 S~~ on 07.31.06 at 4:24 pm

This really touched me. You’ve exoressed that feeling so perfectly.

#2 S~~ on 08.01.06 at 1:30 am

Sorry – lousy typing – should have read “You’ve expressed that feeling so perfectly.”

#3 Heather on 08.02.06 at 1:08 am

Thank you. I’m not big on weird formats, but I didn’t know how else to make it work. It’s definitely how things have been going around here. I hate feeling helpless.

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