Flying Teeth

Gnats are back and are driving me crazy. The weather is so pretty. The air conditioning is not going on, yet. So, now I’m dealing with gnats. They are laughing at out our windowscreens. They don’t even slow down; I can hear them chuckling as they manuever past.

Do they sell windowscreens with a weave tight enough to prevent the gnat invasion? Most of the house is fine, but they love my kitchen window. Last night, I blew up at my husband and son, real mature, I know. I’d been trying to prepare dinner and at first I thought it was just a couple fruit flies, until they began to bite me as I was peeling vegetables. My patience quickly dropped to nil as I swatted the little bastards and began to have that creepy, nasty feeling one gets if someone so much as mentions lice. Ugh. I have since apologized for acting like an ogre.

Why would gnats be attracted to my kitchen window more so than another? Is it the water or food? Are there any natural ways to encourage them to move along? I’m really not ready to give up and turn on the AC; I love the fresh air.


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