Dunkin’ Doh-nuts

Yesterday a friend and I took the boys to www.scaquarium.org. We had a great time and were headed home. I missed my usual exit thanks to some guy who insisted on playing the speed up slow down game when I attempted to merge. Yes, I fully realize I knew my exit was coming and I could have gotten into the proper lane four miles previous to this weirdo.

As I was taking the alternate route home, we noticed the new Dunkin’ Donuts was open. As the kids were all zonked in the back, we decided to give them a try. While waiting for the drive through guy we entertained ourselves by watching an employee in the parking lot. This lanky, scruffy kid was eating, smoking, and wiping his face with his apron. We thought he was off, but we were highly amused by him. We were going to try to tactfully mention his unhygenic behavior to the manager if we got the chance. That’s when the giggles started.

We pulled through to window and “gross boy” was there. I think both of our jaws dropped and we lost it. He certainly had not had time to wash his hands. He asked us what we had ordered, since apparently they flubbed it. I composed myself and restated our order. He turns to ring it up and my friend starts whispering, “Please don’t touch our donuts.” That’s when I lost all semblence of self-control. I haven’t laughed liked that in years. I was laughing so hard I had tears. “Gross boy” turns around and asks if we wanted whipped cream on our coffee and for some reason it just got worse. He shakes his head and turns to his co-workers, “I don’t know what they are laughing at.” He became flustered, I certainly couldn’t assure him that it “wasn’t him,” because it was.

I think it was a release. Aidan has finally begun to act like himself, no more mystery fevers and the bloodwork came back fine.

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#1 Joel Maners on 02.27.06 at 2:37 am

That’s too funny!It’s amazing how such simple things can be so funny. I have a friend who is a walking encyclopedia of sitcom scenes. We spent last weekend reciting old Andy Griffith Show scenes. It was great. Laughter is truly a taste of the divine.

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