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Catching Up

Between doctor visits, lying on the couch waiting for my stomach to settle, breaking up fights, and just dealing with daily life, I’ve gotten behind on Project365. I have the pics.

I think this is possibly the only upside to having to get samples from big brother. Little brother is now fascinated with the potty.

Yesterday’s pic was unsuccessful, but I think it has potential, I like the repetition and will restage the shot another day.

Not Our Best Day

Aidan had a GI appointment, yesterday. I’ve never known if he fell into the range of normal or not. Our pediatrician didn’t think so and referred us to Dr. Kline. Like any mom, I was hoping to hear, it’s perfectly normal, you’re just a little paranoid.

Not so.

The little guy will be having an endoscopy/colonoscopy next week. I need to cut Aidan down to five food items so we can begin ruling out food allergies. The only foods this little guy really doesn’t care for are tomatoes and onions. This is going to be hard.

A few other items were mentioned, none of which I wanted to hear, but some could be caused by an underlying food allergy.

Right now, I’m actually hoping we’re dealing with a chronic case of the parasite we had this past summer.

I do not want to deal with celiac disease.

I didn’t forget

I just ran out of time, far from great composition, but it’s pretty enough.

Yesterday involved a doctor’s appointment and prepping for a surprise house showing.

Good news. I got to see the baby’s heartbeat and can finally let out that breath I’ve been holding.

Uninvited Guest

Perhaps it’s the weather, but this isn’t the first and probably won’t be our last ‘guest.’


My son often pretends he is a sad kitty. I don’t know why this silly cat is never happy, but he’s not. Tonight I was taking pictures and he started making the sad kitty face and asked if he could see.

Imagine his disappointment when the camera revealed only himself.

After that sad bit, here’s Mark enjoying dinner.

Lazy Cloud

My son and I have a game for foggy mornings. We tell the clouds to “Wake up! Get back in the sky you lazy clouds!”

Regular posting will resume soon. My energy is low and my nausea is high. That makes me miserable, yet comfortable in the reality of this pregnancy.

Silk Poppy

A friend of mine gave this to Tim and I just before we left Minnesota. It’s a silk poppy in a hand blown vase. It sits near my kitchen sink where it often catches my eye and helps me remember our friend half a continent away.


It’s all Kathy T’s fault.

Time to wake-up

It’s time to get back on track, begin putting away the holiday decorations, and catch up on chores postponed over the holidays.

For now though,I’m savoring a quiet moment.