Bill Gates Quote

Admire or despise him, this is a fantastic quote.

Says Gates: “We need to put the power to prevent HIV in the hands of women. This is true whether the woman is a faithful married mother of small children or a sex worker trying to scrape out a living in a slum. No matter where she lives or what she does, a woman should never need her partner’s permission to save her own life.”


#1 Margo on 08.18.06 at 8:21 pm

Go Bill!!

#2 Paul on 08.19.06 at 9:49 am

Wise words by Bill Gates!!

#3 Sunnie on 08.20.06 at 1:13 am

I think this is a yes and no situation. It should be everyone who feels the same way. Whether they’re in a heterosexual relationship or a homosexual relationship. Each person should feel like they need no one’s permission to save their own life. Man or woman.
Great find, Heather.

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