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The power of your voice

I’m watching a fascinating story unfold at my friend’s Kat Coble’s blog.  A few weeks ago she posted about her experience with the company JL Kirk & Associates.

She received a certified letter stating she needed to pull the post or they will be in contact with her ISP.

Go read this now!

This looks like it could blow up big.  First amendment rights and angry bloggers always make for an interesting time.


Ivy and I were nominated for two Blogger Choice awards for co-authored Home Ec 101.

If you are so inclined, we’ve been nominated for:

Best Educational Blog 

Best Blog Design

It does take a moment to register, but it is appreciated.

The grandma effect

I love that my children love their grandparents.  I do not like the children they become after the grandparents have packed their bags and fled half a continent away.

They’ve had gobs of candy, not enough sleep, and enough unconditional attention to turn the sweetest child rotten.

Schedules, healthy meals, naps, and rules.

Today we return to normal.

Pray for me.  I’ll need it.

Public school

You ask why I don’t trust them?

5th Graders Accused of Sex in School 

I know there was a breakdown of supervision, but. . .


Lightning’s flashing, thunder’s crashing and suddenly the air smells clean again.

I’m breathing a sigh of relief as the world is washed clean.

Everything feels better after a shower.

Ultrasound Today

Don’t too excited, we’re not finding out the gender. I’m hoping for a cooperative tech who won’t slip up. So far we were lucky with boy boys and neither said anything or let anything show. Tim has to work, so I’ll be there alone.

***Update***  One healthy, stubborn, sleepy baby.