You think it’s hot?

I would be abysmally pregnant the hottest summer in years.

To all the whiners. . .  Just be glad you don’t have your own personal 8lb furnace installed.

Today will be the first time I’ve left the house in days and it’s only because I have to.  The kids may develop scurvy if I don’t get some fresh food in the house.  OK, it’s not that bad, but the fridge is looking pretty sad and we’re out of peanut butter for Pete’s sake. I dread crossing the parking lot and may actually take advantage of the “stork” parking* for the first time ever.

*I usually a park at the end of the row, so I don’t have to worry about car doors or other people waiting for my spot while I deal with car seats.


#1 Dan on 08.09.07 at 1:16 pm

If more women read this post, the amount of heterosexual activity that takes place in the Lowcountry during the months of November and December might drop to something like, oh, say, ZERO.

Be careful out there.

#2 Heather on 08.13.07 at 6:23 pm

If I save one woman, I have done my duty.

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