True to My Tagline, It’s Time for a Whine

It could be allergies today, the pollen count is sky high, but again with the not being able to swallow?

I am so over this whole ordeal; my tonsils are coming out the end of April, as the first available date was smack in the middle of Tim’s outage where he couldn’t take any time off for any reason. This has totally put the kibosh on the major cookout / picnic /barbecue series I was organizing for May, but hopefully by June I can try. Friends and family are on notice that I’ll need their help in the first ten days.  We haven’t figured out what Tim can take off yet.

Ever try to write with a pounding headache? Yeah, not so much is happening and my hopes of making this month’s soft deadline are withering quickly. I’m trying though.

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#1 Angela on 03.26.10 at 9:48 am

Give yourself more like two weeks off, a very liquid diet and LOTS of sleep. Also make sure you get a antibiotic you know you will not react to, as it is a really bad time to have an allergic reaction on top of it.

A great time for a bunch of new kid movies, I guess I only had a 16 month old at the time, but we spent the first few days in bed watching Winnie-The-Pooh, as I was luck to get Todd to take to there 😉

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