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Yes, I know it’s mildly ironic I’m asking on Blogger. (The switch will be soon.)

I am looking for either some coding or a plug-in that would cause a text box to pop up when words were moused over or clicked.

As far as the application, I’ll be writing a lot of recipes and I’d like to have tips for novice cooks available, but not cluttering up the screen for more advanced readers.



#1 Malia on 03.07.07 at 2:44 pm

I know in html coding you can add a “title” either in a link set or, I think, just around a word or phrase. “Title” makes a little white box pop up on the screen that has additional text in it.

Within an anchor set (the coding you use for links that starts with an “a”) you type title=”words”. Whatever you put inbetween the quotations will pop up in the little white box.

Then there’s Snap – but I think that just pops up the graphic of a URL that you’re linking to. I don’t know if they have anyother type of coding.

#2 imabug on 03.07.07 at 8:29 pm

for small snippets, the title attribute should be adequate. Longer snippets would probably be handled best by a javascript snippet that pops a window up containing the text.

something as simple as
<div onmouseover=”alert(“text here”); return null;”>how to do this</div>
might work (although I haven’t tested this…just something off the top of my head)

#3 Chris on 03.10.07 at 11:36 am

I have one on my site (WordPress) that underscores the acronyms. Hover the pointer over it and it will do a little flag with the definition. Only downside is you have to enter the acronyms in the php file. Not hard to do, just a little time consuming I think.

#4 meretrice on 03.21.07 at 6:04 am

do0d! (yes, I’m from San Diego, but you knew that!) you stole my idea. Now when I finish converting my website to WordPress, everyone will think I stole the idea from YOU. So unfair!

/* Sits in the corner and sulks */

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