Tale of Typhoid Tim

Once there was a husband who complained of a wicked sore throat.  He moaned and groaned, sweating and pale.

“Go to the doctor!”

“It’s just a cold.”

One by one we’re succumbing to spiking fevers and glassy eyes.   Expensive trips to Urgent Care, throat swabs, shots, and antibiotics.

I’m the last one standing.  A few more sleepless nights and nothing will save me.  I swear, if I go into labor with strep throat, there will be Hell to pay.


#1 Margo on 07.11.07 at 8:51 pm

Bad Tim! Bad BAD!

See! I’m on your side!

#2 Tricia on 07.13.07 at 2:23 am

Is Tim looking for sympathy? It didn’t work!!!!

#3 Heidi on 07.13.07 at 1:53 pm

“My Tim” (my ex husband) is a Strep carrier! TELL ME ABOUT IT!

Oh I hope you stay well.. *hugz*

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