My house smells like tacos.

Saturday I made Malia’s most excellent Black Bean Soup. I became distracted during the process and my youngest weaseled into the spice cabinet. Yes, I was probably reading blogs, that’s not the point. Long story short he opened the cumin and spread it gleefully around before I saw what he was up to.

Like the genius I can be, I quickly vacuumed up the mess.

I’ve emptied it twice, but each time* I turn it on, the house is perfumed with Tex-Mexy potpourri.

*with two dogs and two boys I turn it on a lot.

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#1 Malia on 02.13.07 at 12:17 pm

Oh my! I guess that’s better than him getting into the garlic salt/powder or the pepper!

Glad you liked the soup 🙂

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