Never seen anything like it.

Yesterday afternoon I posted that everyone should take a quick peek over at my friend Kat’s blog.

This was posted shortly before the crap hit the fan.  Not long after my post it was picked up by Instapundit.  Now, if you use Google Blog Search or Technorati, there are between 65 and 75 blogs posting on the incident and that’s only using the search term JL Kirk and Associates.

I was initially furious when I learned of the incident.  Right now I’m reading in wonder.  Who knew a word could become an Internet verb in less than twenty-four hours?  I spent far too long on the computer yesterday watching in awe as the story was picked up, first by Kat’s friends and then by others who were unimpressed by the actions of JL Kirk and Associates.  This whole thing wouldn’t have even been a blip on Google, but look where it is now.

You see, no one likes a bully, but you know who hates a bully more than anyone else? Nerds and geeks and lookie here, they came onto our playground to harass one of our own.  We’re all grown up now, we have millions with whom we interact and connect with.  We’re no longer relegated to a corner of the cafeteria watching everyone else have fun.  Sure, some of us might still look and feel a little awkward in public, but now we know we’re not alone.

We sure as hell don’t like getting picked on.


#1 Francis on 04.12.07 at 1:58 pm

Like I wrote at my blog it’s not the crime but the coverup which gets them into trouble –

At this point they aren’t going to get any applications from internet aware folks.

#2 malia on 04.12.07 at 2:10 pm

I just tried searching it on Technorati and it froze up, told me it was “borked”. Uh-oh, I think we broke Technorati! 😉

#3 Gary Ogletree on 04.12.07 at 2:56 pm

Note to sleazy lawyers: Before threatening whistle blowers with phony lawsuits, check to see if they are bloggers. New course at Harvard Law School: Dirtbag 101, The internet is not your friend.

#4 Vera on 04.12.07 at 8:51 pm

I’ve been following this story too, and it’s been fascinating how fast it’s spread.

#5 chip on 04.12.07 at 10:13 pm

You got an Instalanche! That’s awesome!

#6 Heather on 04.12.07 at 10:22 pm

I got some hits as Glen quoted a bit from this post, but hey, I’m not complaining, I’ve been neglecting this poor blog for the other two.

Something I’ve been meaning to work on.

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