Fuming mad

I’m looking over an itemized list of charges for an afternoon spent stopping labor.  I think a doctor spent less than three minutes in my room.  Over four thousand dollars for a few tests, IV, a steroid shot, and terbutaline.

Something smells and I just changed the baby.

I’m waiting for a call back from billing on a couple of the more obscure, but extremely expensive charges.


#1 Angela on 08.31.07 at 1:46 pm

Call them out on it…most of the time they can lower it or take it off all together…I really think they do that to get more money from insurence companies, but call them out on each specific item.

#2 Margo on 08.31.07 at 7:44 pm

That’s crazy!!!!!!

#3 carrielouise on 09.01.07 at 8:16 pm

I just found your personal blog! And I should add that I totally agree with the fuming part. Not only did I recently have to pay a CO-PAY of $400, but the whole bill racked up to over 10,000 and that was just the hospital. Now I’m kind of glad? for only having to pay 400 of it. What a rip off though! So much money.

#4 Heidi @ Carolina Dreamz on 09.04.07 at 4:57 am

Oh I so feel your pain.

I had to pay an ER co-pay because I was sent home and not admitted, and then was admitted less than five hours later. I knew I shouldn’t have gone home.. I could barely walk and they told me I just had a low tolerance for pain!

I just got the surgeon’s bill. I paid my part of the hospital bill upon discharge. I then got home to a bill from the ER doctor that I saw last February, in Florida. Did they forget they wanted money all this time?

I am stressed over medical bills that still aren’t here, too! Will the ambulance ever want money? I mean, the EMT kept saying “how old are you? we were told you are in your 70’s”. She must have said that ten times.

I’m glad they finally figured out what was wrong with me and fixed it.. but it sure seems like the long route will cost more than it should have..

It was nice to see the rain ease up today… hope you are as well as can be..
*hugz* ~Heidi

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