Disconnected Thoughts

Driving home I heard the German proverb:

Patience is a bitter plant, but it bears sweet fruit.

I’ve struggled through my whole life believing I have no patience, praying for patience, wishing I had patience.  Never did it dawn on me that being patient did not mean feeling a sense of peace while waiting.  I was under the assumption that patience was an emotion rather than an action.

This realization is somewhat disappointing.

Yesterday morning Ivy and I were interviewed by Shaine Mata on his BlogTalkRadio Show.  You can download the file here.  I ended up having a lot of fun and hope to do more.


#1 Paul Schaubhut on 04.23.08 at 8:40 am

Impressive interview. Sounded professionally conducted and your’s and Ivy’s performance worthy of an Oscar. (Or Grammy since it was sound only). Good job Heather and Ivy!

#2 lori on 04.23.08 at 10:11 am

Hi Heather. This is a new twist on patience for me too. It is disappointing yet makes me feel al ittle better too. We all feel it I think. At least it’s normal.

#3 boogiemum on 04.24.08 at 8:23 am

Never heard that quote before, but it is so true! I have a low patience level and struggle with that on on minute by minute basis.

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